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Mia Nanasawa is an underwear model in Tokyo, she is on her way home to prepare to wish her only younger brother a happy birthday. He is a naughty, naughty child. with a dark personality, often playing depraved games, stimulating the desires of young boys in their teens. Because of this, when the older sister gets a little drunk in the and accidentally revealing her big breasts before his eyes, he made up his mind that that night he had to beat his sister. It's understandable because she was originally a model. As for his photo, each round comes out as a round one, each part of his body is perfect and his younger brother has such a personality, so this thing that never happened is very likely to become a reality. Indeed, that night he secretly sneaked into her room. Even though he was still awake, this naughty little brother didn't seem to be afraid at all. He rushed in and squeezed her breasts and started pumping her vigorously. making her unable to react in time. What a spoiled child.

AMA-067 Dating a colleague and the ending
AMA-067 Dating a colleague and the ending
 Movie Code: AMA-067 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Mia Nanasawa 
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